• Available at your local gym

    We currently deliver over 2,000 meals and protein muffins a week to 12 of the most popular gyms in the San Diego area.

    In observance of San Diego County COVID regulations, all food pickups will be at The Gym in Pacific Beach.

  • Designed by IFBB Fitness Pros Lisa and Eric Rapoza

    We make the meals you would make yourself if you had the time and the knowledge. We don’t use any oils, preservatives, or additives.

    Everything is cooked with seasoning and spices to enhance flavor, but also comes with a dipping sauce for the people who want to dirty it up a little bit.

  • Meals customized for your individual goals

    Whether you’re trying to get lean or to put on some more muscle, we’ve got your back. Meals come standard with 6oz of protein and a cup of carbs.

    Depending on your fitness goals, you can add extra protein for $1 per oz and extra carbs for $1 per cup.